I started this painting two years ago. A self-portrait. I’ve always been obssessed with this design, and I’ve always been obssessed with the idea of becoming a plant. Of transforming my body to be able to photosynthesize and absorb the power of the sun, transforming it into what I need to survive. At one point […]


I wrote this poem, reflecting on my daily morning yoga practice that I have been cultivating for seven years now. Slowly peeling different layers. I noticed a profound beauty in long-term practice and persistence. Noticing different aspects of the mind, body and soul; interconnecting and unravelling themselves. infinite space concealing ethereal stars receding faithful moon […]

the river

darling, there’s no need to figure everything out now no use in getting stuck in cycles of thoughts, asking ‘how?’   there is only the present to simultaneously look forwards and backwards to cultivating the appropriate intentions and remembering the Tao of Pooh   for your reality is shaped by the lens through which you […]

Winter Poems

the movement of birds when come winter shapely migration geometric direction   magnetic attraction polar  transitions   summer passion warm satisfaction the last snowfall a thick white blanket caressing the forest unexpected and loving sky-offering   consciousness receding further flora and fauna will not stir their slumber   unless and until honey-sweet sap will flow […]