Have you ever been offended because of something someone else said? Or sad? Or felt judged by the look in their eyes? Maybe you’ve felt indignation within yourself just by the way they’ve behaved or interacted with other people. We go through it all. These feelings and impressions come to us from our learned behavioral […]

Our Dream

In a utopic world, humans would be living in harmony with the natural systems of the Earth, with all living beings, and amongst themselves. Such a world would be organized in a panoply of small self-sustaining communities where humans would be working alongside the land to produce food, medicine, fiber, fuel, building materials, and tools. […]

Involution Part II – Cultivating Awareness

Changing our behavioral patterns to regain our vitality takes time. Years. Therefore, it takes patience and consistent practice. If we are not fully engaged, believing in what we’re doing, the change won’t come. Then discouragement comes. So many people give up because of this. Because they are not earnest in their practice. Because they don’t […]

Involution Part I – a Journey Within

Living a wholesome lifestyle in today’s world is highly challenging. We breathlessly run through packed schedules, convinced that we need to get ahead to survive. Driving in traffic, working long days, driving the kids around, making – often painstakingly trying – to make healthy food decisions and to establish good exercise practices throughout it all. […]