We can only get in touch

with our own source of intuition and wisdom

when we no longer depend upon others’ opinions

for our sense of identity or worth;

we all tend to worship something;

the question is

will we worship the god of opinion,

or the god of our heart?

Dan Millman

A few days ago I read a chapter about intuition in Millman’s book The Life You Were Born to Live: A Guide to Finding Your Life Purpose. At the time, I was going through a difficult separation with my partner. I faced a challenging decision and I was extremely confused. The chapter hit something in my core. It was so relevant to the situation I found myself in.

Millman made an interesting observation about people that have a frail sense of identity and that lack the confidence to allow themselves to blossom, unapologetically. I am like that. I may seem very confident most of the time, but I actually have a really hard time not letting myself be affected by the opinions of important people in my life, especially family members. There are periods of my life where my perception of what they expected me to do completely ruled me. And in allowing that I lost the confidence to be myself.

So anyways, I found myself in a similar situation where I could not tell if my family’s opinions should be a determining factor in the decision I had to make or not, and I was simply perplexed. I could not make any sense of my emotions or thoughts and simply wanted to escape it all in order to find myself again. I was litteraly a maelstrom. 

We access intuition by allowing our heart-felt feelings to link up with and unlock higher mechanisms within our holistic, intuitive right brain. When we make this connection, the combination of feeling and intuition accesses whatever wisdom we need.

Dan Millman

When I read this, things were simplified. I just need to connect with my heart. The heart always knows. The feeling I get in my gut about any situation is always right; I had just lost sight of it in the midst of everyone else’s opinions and feelings. I was trying to mitigate everything, but I forgot myself in the process.

Another lesson learned. Never lose sight of what my heart is saying. It’s the only one that knows where it’s going.

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