I started this painting two years ago. A self-portrait. I’ve always been obssessed with this design, and I’ve always been obssessed with the idea of becoming a plant. Of transforming my body to be able to photosynthesize and absorb the power of the sun, transforming it into what I need to survive.

At one point I stopped allowing my creative energy to flow, which is when I got really depressed. My soul felt crushed. Then I set myself free and when I finally came back to this painting a year ago my creative energies were ever-flowing. They flowed and overflowed. I worked on it overnight for many nights.

I wrote a poem titled ‘receptive’ not long after, which gave life to the feeling behind the painting, and a title to it.

Here it is. My first real painting, ‘receptive’.

You can buy prints of it on my Etsy store if you’re interested! The link is in my menu.

eyes wide open

forever, it has been

whomsoever therein

born, again and again


consciousness ready

auspicious buoyancy

bottomless mercy

of the universal divinity

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