This smoothie has been rocking my world. Every morning, as I end my meditation, thoughts of this delicious bowl of blueberry goodness come to mind. And I salivate, because this is the closest thing to ice-cream that I’ve allowed myself in a long time. Ice cream for breakfast; hell yeah!

I weigh all of my ingredients as it is the best way to achieve the soft-serve texture. This perfect ratio of frozen fruit and coconut milk was developped by my sister, who, I must say, is a smoothie master. 

Here goes.

110-120 g frozen banana

140 g frozen blueberries*

30 g vanilla protein powder**

1/4 tsp of maca root powder (optionnal)

1 tsp moringa powder (optionnal)

40 g greens (spinach gets the best texture)

1 cup of coconut milk

Throw everything in your highspeed blender, measuring each ingredient by taring your scale in-between. Blend for 45 seconds, then stop the blender, scrape the sides and blend for another minute or so.

The protein powder tends to get stuck in the corners of my blender so I make sure to get all of it mixed in to the rest of the smoothie. Scrape the thick berry goodness into a bowl and enjoy with a scoop of natural peanut butter or just as-is!

Delight in fooling yourself into thinking that you’re eating ice cream for breakfast. I sure do every morning.

* it doesn’t necessarily have to be blueberries, but I’ve found them to have the best texture. It’s also nice to switch it up and make it with mixed berries every once in a while.

** you don’t have to put protein powder in there, but my stevia-sweetened powder is what gets the sweetness of the soft-serve in there. Otherwise you can always throw in some dates or honey for the same ice cream effect.

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