peace turned up loudly

for a moment, the skins of pessimists were aware

and then boisterous clomping on forest floors shifted to

allegro and ballon on pathways over twigs

serenading butterflies with the blues

ears perked dog-like

straining for the chirp of birds

telescope eyes scanned bushes

on the lookout for bears stuffing their bellies

full of raspberries and strawberries

lulling spirit songs

out of honour

in respect of

because of pity

and then the forest falls

chainsaws and machines rip heavy metal music

trees drop

turn to planks

butterflies flee

die screaming

Chicken Little pummels from the sky polluted

worms boil to the surface of earth as evergreens plop

mountainsides slide into the river and become mud

salmon float belly up infected with parasites

black bears scavenge garbage bins

knee-bent tourists rummage the debris

click, click their cameras

believe they are one with the wild

until they are eaten alive

google can’t help anymore

gps has a virus

there is no safe place on sea or land or sky

labourers scream to return to solace

drop their powered faces onto their oil layered hands

shame is the sound of money exported

angst is for the love of your company

peace dies of cancer

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