This is a series of poems that I wrote in the first weeks that my partner Michael and I were together. In these poems, I try to comprehend the overwhelming feelings that I had for the first time in my life.

This is dedicated to you my dearest darling love.

our eyes

first, your eyes

my piqued curiosity

unraveled energy

revealed genuinity


spoken words

reverberating in my soul

flyaway birds

pecking at the whole


fits of laughter

profound generosity

seemingly boundless reciprocity

generates a tiny portion of uncalled animosity


cosmic interferences

foreign thoughts, discovering

certainty within uncertainty

time waves, compressing


dancing energies

intertwined souls

perplexing recognizability

curious exceptionality


intangible feelings

may pose difficulty

but never fail to be grasped

thanks to intuitive empathy


locked and penetrating

forgiving, sharing and supporting

All has unfolded and cumulated to this moment:

our eyes, at last.

it is everything

the blank faces are overwhelming

no stares, only despair

no warming feeling, no welcoming

there is nothing to share


and everything is cold, cold, cold

people mechanically doing what they are told

they’ve mindlessly forgotten what they hold

fluttering souls, waiting to unfold


everything is the same, but somehow different

difficult for me to stay indifferent

a stranger in my own skin, itinerant

staring old patterns, seeking deliverance


and meanwhile everything was magic

given space has found me ecstatic

virtual realities and cosmic energies colliding

staring in each other’s eyes; it is everything.

all of the energies of the Universe gathering in one area of space and time

the first moment was a whirlind

time condensed itself in a segment

my pores quivered on the surface of my skin

funneling me effortlessly to the present


the more you talk, the more curious I get

the more we laugh, the more excitement for having met

the more I see, and the more you look

creates our own secret little special nook


that feeling; building, building

adds to the overwhelming understanding

this expansive aura of warmth

fueling a fire within my heart


I have never felt anything as wholesome

an ultime trust, eternal enthusiasm

I never thought life could seem so melodic

I definitely now believe in magic


I fall asleep with your imagined arms around me

totally blissed out, surrendering completely

I am better at being myself with you as an achor

now I can’t help but stare at the Universe in wonder


I know the future will find us evolving

regenerating the earth and co-creating

manifesting the world we’ve forever been dreaming of

contributing to the healing of humanity with our Love.

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