Namaste loves,

There’s something really special about living in one place for a long period of time. I’m talking decades. Watching the seasons unfurl year after year with slight variations. Seeing new types of animals coming in because of the slow-changing climates. Creating long-lasting and heartfelt connections with people around; a community. Settling into a wholesome routine that leaves space for spontaneity. There’s a deep understanding of the land that comes after being part of it for long; as if our cells rearrange themselves with particles from the environment. I have had this profound yearning inside to establish my roots and become part of Nature. I’m growing weary of wandering; I want to bloom alongside a land and its people.

Michael and I have been together for two weeks now… We are working on a business partnership and our brand’s vision, creating this ultimate reality that we are striving for. “Regrowth Industries is a co-creative movement initiated by Knighton & Vaillancourt with the purpose of regenerating the Earth and its communities by fulfilling humanity through mind, body, and spirit.” The main component of our project requires buying desolate land where we could facilitate its regeneration through successional agro-forestry. Later on would come various educational, creative and spiritual enterprises in which people could partake, thus “fulfilling humanity through mind, body, and spirit.” It’s all very exciting.

Throughout this time, I’ve learned a lot about relationships and what being wholeheartedly committed to another human being means. Not only does it require almost flawless belief in oneself, it’s also very essential to have such a complete understanding of yourself and your emotions that you can be absolutely transparent with one another. And it’s hard. Because often our egos get in the way and there’s a fear of communicating a change in mindset or worldview. Sometimes it’s insecurity or even a projection. Then we are uncomfortable because something changed and the energy has changed and we don’t know if the other also noticed. What it comes down to is this: none of that matters. None of it; because all that matters is communicating the perceived change in order to come back to a mutual understanding, and having faith in the fact that whatever happens is exactly what needs to happen. Sigh. Breathe in and out. Being social Beings can sometimes be intense. I can feel my heart chakra blooming.

I am so very grateful to be living in this small isolated cabin. I have been polishing my sketching skills, reading, meditating and writing. I am finding a deepened connection with myself, which feels like drinking water in the desert. There’s never enough time, it seems. I need to delve deeper to uncover rooted behavioral patterns and triggers. I want to; and I am so ready to face them. From the 5th of December until the 16th we will be going to Merritt in British-Colombia to do a meditation course. We will be spending the whole time in silence, learning the teachings of S.N. Goenka that has institutions across the whole world. 

And so it is. 

Keep me in the loop; I want to hear all about you, your own musings and internal conflicts. 

Love and Light,


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