Yesterday I decided that I need to stop focusing on what is ‘wrong’ in our society – what destructive things people and corporations are doing. I realized that by doing so, I was behaving in a condescending way, excluding myself from those ‘wrongdoings’ by pointing my finger towards others. I realized that by focusing on the negative I was also fueling the negative and giving it space to be discussed, thus perpetuating it. Although it is essential to be aware of the issues and understand them, there is no use in talking about it excessively, nor in indulging in an egotistic “this is what they‘re doing wrong and I know better” attitude. If I know better, then I should be doing something about it instead of just talking away.

It comes down to action. Moving forward, I am focusing my energy not on talking about my awareness of systematic issues in our society, but the actions that I intend to take towards a better future. I want to fuel positivity and hope within people; collectively we absolutely can co-create the reality that we want. Those are the ideas that I want to exchange and develop with people through sharing our experiences and understandings of the world.

I stumbled across this video through the online course I am currently taking. It inspired my resolution to stop blaming people, to focus on identifying the barriers that we face in making changes in our system, and to act collectively to destroy those hurdles.

Enjoy! And spread your inspiration afterward!

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