Have you ever been offended because of something someone else said? Or sad? Or felt judged by the look in their eyes? Maybe you’ve felt indignation within yourself just by the way they’ve behaved or interacted with other people. We go through it all. These feelings and impressions come to us from our learned behavioral patterns that protected us as children. Defense mechanisms.

Of course it’s easier to avoid those people altogether, but by doing so you are actually limiting yourself.

The principle of energy conservation is one of the most basic laws of our Universe. Nothing is ever created or destroyed; everything is flow. And it’s flowing in a certain direction. It doesn’t matter if it has a destination or not. The point is that Nature, flow, the Universe, God – with no regard for the barriers that language may pose in speaking of That/It/He/She – works with ultimate efficiency. It never wastes any energy whatsoever in its process of becoming.

Then how could anyone or anything be at the wrong place at the wrong time, let alone experience anything of no use?

Every. Single. Interaction.

Every. Single. Experience. That we’ve had up to this moment has made us into who we are at that point and will serve us in the future. Every person that we’ve met has been on our path to teach us something that will be essential for us to accomplish our mission.

There’s no need to avoid anything or anyone. It’s all there for a reason. We just need to have faith in the certainty that the Universe is perfect. We might not see all the pieces of it now, but it might all come together later. It might also not. We must have courage to face our faults and work with them. The Universe provides opportunities for us to practice that.

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